LAN_Logo_1.pngFounded in 2009, the Latino Action Network [LAN] advocates on the issues of most significant importance to the Latino community, including Immigrant Rights, Education, Healthcare, Affordable Housing, Criminal Justice Reform, Voting Rights, Disability Equity, youth empowerment, environment, community organizing, and poverty.

LAN was founded by a group of Latino leaders across New Jersey who agreed that the time had come for progressive Latinos to come together to take action against the attacks our community was facing.  Since its inception, LAN has played an essential role in influencing legislative redistricting in the state. It has been a clear voice on the need for diversity on the state’s highest court and marriage equality. 

Our members continue to testify at public hearings, write opinion pieces for many publications, and meet with legislators to champion our various causes. We have participated in numerous legal challenges promoting fair housing, equitable healthcare delivery, desegregation of New Jersey schools, and quality public education. We have spoken out against the proliferation of unaccountable charter schools and voucher gimmicks.

The Latino Action Network invites you to learn more about our organization and connect with other Latinos and our allies, working hard every day to improve the lives of Latino families.



Latino Action Network Announces 2023 Legislative Endorsements

Check out the 2023 New Jersey Legislative Endorsement by the Latino Action Network a statewide advocacy group on Latina/o/x issues. Everyone deserves to live, work, play, learn, and thrive in an environment that respects the contributions of our community.