Advocates fear would-be successors to Sen. Bob Menendez lack his commitment to immigrants


Soon after Bob Menendez joined Congress in 1993, he earned a reputation as a leading voice for Latinos.

Menendez, a former mayor of Union City in Hudson County and the son of Cuban immigrants, was lauded for his constituent services, with his office aiding people through the citizenship process and helping them secure working papers. He joined the bipartisan “gang of eight” to push for major immigration reform, and often bucked his own party on issues related to undocumented immigrants and asylum seekers.

He’s revered by the Latino community in Hudson County, where he returned to host massive parades and heritage events attended by thousands. He spoke to voters in English and Spanish, instilling a sense of pride in Hispanics who saw themselves represented on the national stage.

“He’s always been a real champion for immigrants,” said Kevin Brown, executive vice president of the 32BJ Service Employees International Union, which represents thousands of Latino workers. “He played that role, and things have changed recently in terms of his position, but that was a historic function of his. We very much appreciated it.”

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Judge’s ruling on lawsuit targeting segregation in N.J. schools frustrates plaintiffs, activists

‘Marked and persistent racial imbalance’ apparent in numerous schools, but not widespread segregation, judge said

BY:  - OCTOBER 10, 2023 7:00 AM
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Desegregation orders have led to progress in some school districts in recent decades, in NJ and elsewhere

A landmark court decision is awaited. What are the potential remedies?

It is not in dispute that New Jersey’s public schools have long been among the nation’s most racially segregated. The data is clear on the great number of schools where one race or another not only predominates but is the rule.

The question is how to address the issue, which is often dictated by housing and other societal factors, with New Jersey also among the nation’s foremost in school desegregation orders, edicts and not always friendly debates.


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Latino Action Network Endorses New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy for Re-Election

Latino Action Network (LAN) today announced its endorsement of New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy for re-election. 

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Testimony By the Latino Action Network at the New Jersey ARPA Virtual Hearing II

LAN President Christian Estevez spoke at the second New Jersey's American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) hearing. The following is his testimony:

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