Latino Action Network Announces 2023 Legislative Endorsements



Latino Action Network Announces Endorsements List for the November 7th General Election

Trenton, New Jersey – November 1st, 2023


The Latino Action Network (LAN) is a grassroots organization composed of individuals and organizations committed to engaging in collective action at the local, state, and national levels to advance the equitable inclusion of diverse Latina/o/x communities who represent 22% of New Jersey's population. The Latino Action Network is dedicated to building political representation in New Jersey and nationally, which reflects our community and values. 


“In these uncertain and trying times, our community faces economic instability, isolation, and discrimination. We are excited about the group of candidates we've selected and urge our members, Latina/o/x to cast their votes in support of these legislators. Together, we will collaborate with them to build a more prosperous New Jersey that benefits everyone.” said Javier Robles, President of the Latino Action Network.


As an organization, we have a vested interest in ensuring that the rights of Latina/o/x immigrants, refugees, and seekers of political asylum are protected.  We will work with our lawmakers to push for a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants and ensure that they are counted.  This includes protecting the rights of Dreamers and continued support, both financial and political, so that they may achieve the American dream of a robust education and employment. 


The endorsements made by the Latino Action Network are based on questionnaires, established relationships, and their voting record on issues of importance to our community.  We wish these candidates luck and expect to work with them in the future to address the issues and concerns of our community. 


For more information on the Latino Action Network, please contact:


Javier Robles, JD 

President, Latino Action Network (LAN)

[email protected]


Cory Garriga

Endorsements Chair, Latino Action Network (LAN)

[email protected]


The Latino Action Network endorsed candidates for the New Jersey State Senate 


Paul Moriarty (LD-4), Nilsa Cruz-Perez (LD-5), James Beach (LD-6), Troy Singleton (LD-7), Gabriel Franco (LD-9), Vin Gopal (LD-11), Lucille Lo Sapio (LD-13), Linda Greenstein (LD-14), Shirley Turner (LD-15), Andrew Swicker  (LD-16), Bob Smith (LD-17), Patrick J. Diegnan Jr.(LD-18), Joseph F.Vitale (LD-19), Joe Cryan (LD-20), Nicholas P. Scutari (LD-22), Denise King (LD-23), Christine Clarke (LD-25), John F Mckeon (LD-27), Renee Burgess (LD-28), Teresa Ruiz (LD-29), Angela Mcknight (LD-31), Raj Mukherji (LD-32), Brian Stack (LD-33), Britnee Timberlake (LD- 34), Nellie Pou (LD-35), Gordon Johnson (LD-37), Paul A. Sarlo (LD-36), and Joe Lagana (LD-38). 

The Latino Action Network endorsed candidates for the New Jersey General Assembly 


Damita White-Morris (LD-1), William Moen Jr. (LD-5), William Spearman (LD-5), Louis Greenwald (LD-6), Pamela Lampit (LD-6),  Herb Conway Jr. (LD-7), Carol A. Murphy (LD-7),  Andrea Katz (LD-8), Anthony Angelozzi (LD-8), Luanne Peterpaul (LD-11), Margie Donlon (LD-11), Raya Arbiol (LD-12), Danielle Mastropiero (LD-13), Anthony S. Verrelli (LD-15), Verlina Reynolds-Jackson (LD-15), Roy Freiman (LD-16), Joe Danielson (LD-17), Joseph Egan (LD-17), Robert J Karabinchak (LD-18), Sterley S. Stanley (LD-18), Yvonne Lopez (LD-19), Craig Coughlin (LD-19), Annette Quijano (LD-20), Reginald Atkins- (LD-20), Elizabeth Graner (LD-21), Linda S. Carter (LD-22), James J. Kennedy (LD-22), Tyler Powell (LD-23), Guy Citron (LD-23), Diane Salvatore (LD-25), Dr. Jonathan Torres (LD-25), Rosaura Bagolie (LD-27),Cleopatra Tucker (LD-28), Shanique Speight (LD-29) Garnet R. Hall (LD-28), Eliana Pintor Marin (LD-29), William Sampson (LD-31), Barbara Stamato (LD-31), Jessica Ramierez (LD-32), John Allen (LD-32), Carmen T. Morales (LD-34), Shavonda Sumter (LD-35), Benjie Wimberly (LD-35), Clinton Calabrese (LD-36), Gary Schaer (LD-36), Shama A. Haider (LD-37), Ellen Park (LD-37), Lisa Swain (LD-38), Chris Tully (LD-38), and Giovanna Irizarry (LD-40)

The Latino Action Network endorsed candidates for local elections

Our endorsements in local elections are for Dan Benson for Mercy County Executive. In Hudson County,  William “Bill” O’Dea for County Commissioner (District 2), Yraida Aponte-Lipski for County Commissioner (District 4), and Anthony Romano for County Commissioner (District 5). Alpa Patel, George Blount, and Dejon Morris for the Jersey City Board of Education. In Hawthorne, we endorse Craig Cayetano for City Council (Ward 3).

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